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Become A Best Selling Author Even If You Don't Know Where To Start Or Have The Time

So I’m sure you're thinking…

How would becoming a bestselling author enhance the success of my business?

  1. It builds MASSIVE AUTHORITY in your marketplace. Just ask yourself – if you had a choice of doing business with someone who is a bestselling author vs. someone who isn’t, who would you be more inclined to work with?

  2. It puts you in an ELITE CIRCLE of people. It’s no secret that over 81% of people have aspirations to write a book at some point in their life. When you become a published author, and a bestseller at that, you enter the elite club of the less than 1% of those who follow through. That alone sets you apart from your competition.

  3. It’s the single best LEAD GENERATION TOOL on the planet. Having a bestselling book allows you to attract your dream clients/customers through building rapport and authority with your STORY. 

  4. It’s one of the best SALES TOOLS on the planet. Being able to leverage your bestselling book within your sales process can easily add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

  5. It’s the ULTIMATE POWER MOVE you could ever make for your business.

Let Us Tell You Our Story About How Smart Publishing Was Started

Back in 2021 I was introduced to the idea of becoming an author through a mastermind I had become a part of.

My mentor in the mastermind had built multiple 8-figure businesses through the books he had written over the years.

In fact, one of his books was how I actually ended up becoming his client and mentee in the first place.

At first I was hesitant…

I wondered, 

“Is this the right move for me and my business?”

“Will it work for me the way it has for my mentor?”

“If I do this, I know nothing about writing or publishing a book. How will I even get started, much less finish?”

And most of all I wondered… 

“Is my story even worth sharing?”

So what pushed me over the edge?

It was the overwhelming evidence from my peers in the mastermind who were making the leap and becoming published authors. It was just too convincing not to do it myself.

So I hired a publisher and went through their process of writing my first book: Groomed For Greatness: How to Get What You’re Worth as a Fitness Professional.

The book was a success but there was one thing I had failed at – I failed to reach bestselling status. Why? The publisher I hired didn’t know anything about marketing or business strategy when it comes to book publishing. 

Even without hitting bestseller, the book was a massive success because it resulted in adding multiple six figures to our business’s bottom line.

Despite not reaching bestselling status, my wife, Renee, was so inspired by the fact that I had become a published author that she decided to self publish her first book. This decision allowed us to learn every aspect of the publishing business, down to the nitty gritty fine details that make the difference between just another book and hitting Amazon Bestseller on your release date.

After “cracking the code”, we started getting other business owners and CEOs asking if we could help them publish their book and hit bestseller status and the rest is history.

We have a 100% success rate with creating bestselling authors.

Our mission is to help 1000 business owners become best selling authors so they can dominate their market place & leave a lasting legacy

So What Does The Publishing Process Look Like And How Do We Help?

Here’s everything you need to publish a book on Amazon:

  • Complete your manuscript

  • Find and hire an editor

  • Create copyright and disclaimer pages

  • Create Your “About the Author” summary

  • Create a Book Description

  • Format your book for Kindle, paperback, and if you wish - hardcover

  • Develop a marking plan and marketing assets

  • Design a book cover

  • Select your book categories and keywords

  • Select your book pricing, per format

  • Register your ISBN and add it to your publishing files

  • Set up your Amazon Author Central page

  • Complete the KDP publishing process

So how do we help?


Aside from working with us on your manuscript, you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff. PERIOD!

We’ll help you create your manuscript in less than half the time you think it will take, and then we do the rest. ALL OF IT.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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